viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

Contrastive Paragraph

Gay or straight?

To have men friends is very common, but there are several differences between having gay friends and straight friends. First at all, gay friends think like women, so they know exactly what you are talking about and how you feel. On the other hand, straight friends may not understand you when you feel depressive and do not know what to say if your heart is broken. Although, gay friends are always willing to go with you to the mall or the hairdresser’s they can not protect you from thieves, while straight friends have so much testosterone that they feel strong and brave, so they can fight against bad people who want to hurt you but of course, they will never go with you to buy clothes or shoes. Another thing that makes them so different is that straight friends would never ask you to put on make up on them, although gay friends may even waste all your lipstick, nail polish or flush which is very annoying. As you can see, gay and straight men are absolutely different, though they look in the exact same way.

A master piece made on Úbeda's lesson.


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